Gemini Zodiac Sign Personality And Traits

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Curiosity and versatility are a Gemini’s buzz words. Witty, quick, and imaginative Gemini is not one but two personalities rolled into one. It is the sign of duality, represented by the twins, which in this case, are in no way identical! Geminis have wide and varied interests and their innate curiosity and charm makes them a little knowledgeable about almost everything under the sun. This also means that they do not usually become masters of anything, but hey, who has the time to sit down and do only one thing all the time, cries the quintessential Gemini!


This lack of will to pursue anything to the end makes them appear flighty or superfluous at times. These individuals tend to run on nervous energy and therefore are susceptible to nervous breakdowns and even mental illnesses. Because of their constant activity, they need to get plenty of rest, and continuous doses of fresh air and sunshine. All Geminis need to be physically active to keep their mental energies in balance and stay healthy. The Gemini wit is of course legendary. It often gets them in trouble, but then their ability to talk themselves out of anything saves their skin in most situations. It is said that all Geminis were born with the phone in each of their hands. Communication is their need and they thrive in the roles of an orator, debater, politician, writer, actor, musician and even con artist!

Geminis are super salespersons and can sell anyone anything – whether its convincing their friends to go on an adventure trip or it selling dreams to a distraught nation or convincing their unsuspecting victims to hand over their hard-earned money. The Key planet of Gemini is Mercury, its colors are yellow and green, and the element is air. The stone associated with Gemini are agate and emerald. Its rules the third house of the horoscope, which is the house of communication and its corresponding tarot card is The Lovers.

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