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Gemini Woman Personality and Traits

Gemini Woman Personality and Traits

Dec 15

Gemini woman
Gemini is known as the “Eternal Child” – always youthful, cheery and playful. The Gemini woman is talkative, intelligent, versatile and oh-so-quick! She has a constant need to interact with different types of people, learn new things, and experience variety in life. She is multi-tasker who can appear to be cool and calm in one moment and irritated and bursting with temper in another. So all the men who want to date more than one woman at a time, go find yourself a Gemini girl!

Geminis are mental explorers and are forever looking to go beyond and do little more, have one more experience, find one more pleasure, rush through one more conversation – it is difficult, almost impossible to pin down a Gemini woman. Keeping up with keen intellect and satisfying her ‘need for being in the know’ is a full time task for her partner. She is a delight to be with, is not clingy and is usually interested more in satisfying her many curiosities than holding grudges. Possessiveness is a trait that is not typical to a Gemini.

The Gemini woman is impatient by nature and does not suffer fools gladly. She needs constant mental stimulation and those slower than her may become victims of her wit and/or sarcasm. This makes her appear cruel, unemotional and insensitive, but nothing is further from the truth. Gemini woman can care deeply even though she may not be the most demonstrative partner or mom! Gemini women are generally the most fun moms to have, as they themselves always remain children at heart. Kids find it easy to connect with her and tend to enjoy her inventive imagination.

Spontaneity and surprises (pleasant ones) are always appreciated by the Gemini woman. Though she can adjust to anything that life throws at her, she thrives on change and activity. As a Gemini woman matures, she becomes more stable and patient, if not consistent.



    this is so true as i am a gemini and people really need to be patient with gemini’s as they are extremely sensitive

  2. Shahini

    HI I am a Gemini woman……. Its soooo ture abt a Gemini….. We are like this…
    There is no man who can understand a Gemini or her feelings…. Gemini woman are very expressive wid their words n feelings… They can share all her feelings but the deepest she wil not even show….. She can get hurt wid the slightest of thoughts or talks but at the same time she wil not show that she felt bad….
    A Gemini woman cant take blames, she will not blame of pin point but she will make u feel that u were wrong….. She has that power to proove others wrong.
    She can be in love wid more than 2 people at the same time…..
    She need loves n alot of it she is very strong by nature can take anything on her shoulder……
    If decision is made then nobody can change it whether good or bad….

  3. shanthi

    it was god to know about me

  4. sajeeya khatun


  5. hello my all woman my queen

  6. Prajakta

    I love it

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