Gemini Man Personality And Traits

Gemini Man

How will you feel if you are asked to hold quicksilver in your hands? You will dart helter-skelter and run yourself ragged by trying to contain the flowing metal. Even after all this effort, you will not succeed and end up being totally exhausted, annoyed and definitely with a dent on your pride. This is what will happen to you try and hold on to the Gemini man! He is charming, clever and always enthusiastic and is especially adept at making anyone laugh.

Doom and gloom are never near when you go partying with a Gemini man! You will find yourself walking with at least two different men and they both would be him! This is not such a bad thing in most situations, but may leave you a little exhausted and a little worse for wear, but in a good way. Adventure and never-ending fun, without making any emotional demands, are a Gemini man’s specialty. Because they are so witty and charming and have so many interests, it is difficult for Gemini men to feel deeply. Hence, if someone is looking to experience a deep emotional connection and intense feelings with a Gemini man, that person is only setting themselves up for hurt and frustration.


This does not mean that Geminis cannot love – they just cannot understand the need to be so serious about it all! When pressurized to conform to norms, it is possible for Gemini men to resort to lying and cheating, successfully so, considering they have the gift of gab. We must also understand that most Geminis are idealistic, honest people, who do not believe in hurting people. But remember, this is one sign that can turn to forgery and fraud, often with considerable success. So beware of a smooth talking Gemini, especially if has a history of not keeping his promises! But all said and done, a Gemini man’s deep sense of fairness will seldom allow him to be disloyal.

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