Gemini Zodiac Sign Personality And Traits

Gemini Man Personality And Traits

Gemini Man

How will you feel if you are asked to hold quicksilver in your hands? You will dart helter-skelter and run yourself ragged by trying to contain the flowing metal. Even after all this effort, you will not succeed and end up being totally exhausted, annoyed and definitely with a dent on your pride. This is what will happen to you try and hold on to the Gemini man! He is charming, clever and always enthusiastic and is especially adept at making anyone laugh.

Gemini Woman Personality And Traits

Gemini Woman

Gemini is known as the “Eternal Child” – always youthful, cheery and playful. The Gemini woman is talkative, intelligent, versatile and oh-so-quick! She has a constant need to interact with different types of people, learn new things, and experience variety in life. She is multi-tasker who can appear to be cool and calm in one moment and irritated and bursting with temper in another.

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